We tend to miss the simple pleasures, looking past Gods perfect touch. Seeing only what we want to see. My eyes sparkle with wonder as I notice good and bad, Gods perfect touch…..

In the Stars…

whether is a few here and there or a billion, God placed each one with electrifying beauty. They can be still or twinkling in the quiet darkness, revealing that even in darkness there is always a calm light.

breathtaking as they shoot across the sky. Watching an awe as they quickly disappear and laughing with joy seeing God play.

The Moon….

It’s the soft glow that radiantly shines as Gods flashlight , allowing us to see Him even in the dark.

The perfect picture when it looks like a half eaten cookie with that single star in the perfect place next to it that is big and bright.

Even the Sun….

When the day is chilly yet the rays hit your skin as if God was touching you with that ray of warmth.

A day when there is not a single cloud in the sky, showing that nothing can get in the way.

Even with the clouds it is still beautiful, as the clouds linger in puffs, patiently. We see them and our imagination is sparked as we make pictures out of their changing form.

In the Rain….

The soothing sound of water droplets falling from the gray sky. Hitting the roof or the windows leaving you calm and relaxed.

Feeling it hit your skin as you stand in the rain as it falls. Looking up and closing your eyes, taking in the magnitude of it all and breathlessly wondering,How?

The Wind…

A gentle breeze allowing you to breath in the sent of creation.

Gusty and strong as it sways the branches of rooted trees, disconnecting the leaves to blow and twirl all around.


It is in the quietness and stillness as each flake fall not making a sound. Tiny flakes fall, gathering and eventually covering all the colors around us with a single shade of white. Letting us know it is all equal but diverse as each snowflake is different.

In the Storm….

The diversity of what makes up a storm is just a simple combination leaving us to wonder. Unleashing the great power and strength that can be frightening. Letting us not forgot to have fear for God, yet it is calm with the rain, showing us comfort and mercy.

God shows us everything that we need to know all within His creation. Only till we open our big beautiful eyes to see Him in all things, we continue to walk this world never noticing His perfect touch that can fill us with amazing love and wonder.

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