Simply Me

We all have roots. Roots that dig deep. Sometimes in life its important to step back from trying to grow upward and just go back to your roots, what you know. Maybe what we miss along the way is a calling we had but let go of so we need to turn back to it, add the fertilizer of wisdom we have gained, try it again, and build from there.

There has always been a desire within me to write, its the way I can unleash the craziness and express myself. I’ve had this desire since I was a little girl but as life took over that desire was silenced. Now that I am a wife and a mom of 3 life is crazier than ever, but the desire to write again has become louder. My life is in Gods hands and as I have grown in my faith I believe God has called me to unravel what He has walked me through so far in this life to encourage and extend the hope that you are not alone. There have been and still are so many days where I feel like I am alone but God always shows up to break that lie. God sent His son Jesus into this world in a radical way so that we would know the truth. He sent Jesus to die for the sins we make daily so that we have the assurance of eternal life with Him, but we have a choice. We have to make the choice to believe and surrender our life to God. To ask Him to forgive us and to seek Him with all our heart. This is how to access the eternal life He promises along with all the other love and promises He extends to us. God has a purpose for my life, even through all the joy and pain and He has a purpose for your life as well. It is my hope that you will see His grace and mercy through the honest look into marriage, motherhood, anxiety, depression, family, friends, and everyday life.